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Databoard Platform

One service to control all of your digital signage, Information and Data Insights. Mange all of your monitors from one mobile platform.

Save costs, save time and start showing your visions.

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Share your vision with others

Information Packs

Add extra service to your monitors by using information packs
that will add a new dimension of information
for your users.

Data visualization

Connect your monitors to your data visualization platform and share your dashboards and reports on your monitors. Take your insights to a new level.

Digital Signage

Turn your monitors into to your digital signage platform.
Share your media content in a new digital way of presenting.
Create changes on the fly.

USB x 4
Local Area Connection
Wireless Adapter
Bluetooth Adapter
USB mini Power source

Smart Player that gives you

Smartness in a box

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to share your digital signage on your monitor, than to use a computer?

That’s where the smart player comes intohand. Equipped with all you need to connect to your monitors.  Supports any type of monitor, of any resolution (Full-HD, HD-Ready, or any other), even outdoor LED billboards.

Just plug in and share your visions on your monitor

Manage your all your smart players from one

Central management

With the databoard management platform, you can
manage all your monitors and resources from one management site.
Either if you have one or many monitors the platform
adjusts to your needs.

“With the databoard platform we are now able to change the way we provide information to our emplyees and customers. We can now make changes on all of our monitors with one click.” 

Upload your content

Support for your data

Upload your information as is, select between a variety of data sources. All information kept safe in the databoard platform. Be creative use the data source that fits your needs.

It’s easy just drag and drop

Create your own custom layout

Create the layout you need to show your information. With drag’n and drop functionality, you can create shows that contain information from different sources. Resize and shape the layout to the perfect size for your monitors.

Schedule the Show

or push the changes on the fly

Change the monitor presentations by creating different schedules for the specific monitors. Select between months, weeks, and all the way down to on the minute. Adapt your monitors to present different content that you need.

Be effective stay mobile

Make changes on the go

With the mobile compatible management, create and update your monitors presentation on the move.  With mobility comes effectiveness, stay effective and make changes where you are.

“With the mobile compatible platform, we are now able to change our targeted sales ads on all out monitors. This increases our targeted sales strategies and gives us more control over how we do targeted sales.”

It’s the small things that matters

Platform features

Support for Wireless network connection or LAN connection
Dynamic and Static IP configuration
HTTP Proxy configuration
Data Digitally signed no tapering with data
SSL Secured connection between player and cloud platform
Local Firewall services on smart player
Content is cached locally, prevents data loss on connection outage
Scripting engine for auto login browser
Web Page – URL Parameters
Audio/video playback
Ratio or vertically mounted monitors support
Supports any monitor resolution
No limitations of monitors ( subscription based)
CEC-enabled Powering On / Off Monitors

Not convinced yet?

Databoards in Action

Take a look at some of the possibilities with the databoard platform.

Where do you start?


How many smartplayers do you need for
your monitors?


Need access to webminars, training, media library
or Notification services?

Ingraphic Services

Do you need help with
data visualiation, insights or digial signage?

Price Overview

How many smartplayers do you need?

1 PlayerMost Popular

kr 299,-

Per device Month

10 PlayersSMB

kr 269,-

Per device month

20 PlayersEnterprise

Kr 239,-

Per device month

Included Services

Technical Support
Support on configuration problems

Access to a smart player
to use on your monitor.

Backup player
Backup player ready to be delivered

Cloud Management
Access to the cloud
platform for monitor management.

Unlimited Storage
Upload the data amount you need.

User accounts
Multiple user accounts
on your management site.

Stay ahead of the game with

Insight Membership

With the insight membership you are our priority customer when it comes to new releases and guidance on how you can get the most out of your databoard platform usage.

Insight MembershipPopular

Kr 199

Per month

Web Training
Access to training material & guides on how you can create different types of data boards  and manage the platform.

Media Library
Access to a media library, with links to sites, services and API that can be used in a show.

Live Webminar
Every month get access to a live webminar.
Topic includes: New publish features, tips & tricks, demos & Q&A.

Monitoring Notification
Get SMS  & email when there is a connection
problem with your monitors.

Custom Color theme
Color theme selection.

Best Practice Structures
Folder structures ready to be used.

Custom layout
Select  the template that
will look best for your usage.

Company Logo
Templates of your own logo in different sizes to be used in templates.

Flying start with

Company branding Package

With the insight membership you are our priority customer when it comes to new releases and guidance on how you can get the most out of your databoard platform usage.

Insight MembershipPopular

Kr 199

Per month

Media Services

Get started branding Package

Publish Package

Custom layout

Company Logo

Custom Color

Best Practice

Branding PackageGet Started

Kr 1999

Per Month

The Wait Is Finally Over

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The Wait Is Finally Over

Change the way you keep in touch & enjoy a stress free life.

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